The campaign

FOSSIL // Holiday Feels

Inspired by Fossil’s late 1950’s vintage heritage, this campaign reimagines classic Americana holiday scenarios into modern, humorous, and witty remarks on the real stresses of gift gifting during the holidays. Using rich, maximalist art direction, each scene highlights a unique product feature as our storytelling catalyst.


Laundry Service, New York


Concept Development / Creative & Art Direction


“Now you know just how high your heart rate spikes when grandma asks why you’re not married yet.”

(Post copy written for the Heart Rate tracking feature of the smartwatch.)


“Being able to skip any cheesy song your sister puts on is truly the greatest gift of all.”

(Post copy written for the Spotify Integration feature of the Fossil smart watch. )


“28 watch straps to match the 28 holiday activities your mom guilted you into.”

(Post copy written for the interchangeable straps feature.)


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