Inner Monologue: Minimalism vs. The Dog

Sometimes, I’m guilty of spending a little too much time on Pinterest wondering why my place doesn’t look like the perfectly curated homes of danish bloggers. An inner monologue ensues. 

*Sigh* Just LOOK at that refined minimalism. So clutter free. So tidy. How do they keep their white linen sheet so arctic white? I mean, is there some kind of secret Danish ingredients they put into their Oxi-clean? Look at them! And why do they all only own a total of 3 things? You know, that ONE untouched book, that ONE very French candle, and that ONE perfectly posed Brazilian model equivalent of a house plant I couldn’t dream of keeping alive. Where do they even store their tampons? 

Almost immediately, the universe answers in the form of Winston, our ginger fur-ball of a golden retriever, as he leaps up onto my white linen bed with the floppy zest of a puppy and snuggles up next to me.

winstonthegingerpup_39409904_1603221849977112_1156708480350945280_n copy.jpg
winstonthegingerpup_54511845_128641664867455_3030211002284991032_n copy.jpg

I nod, agreeing with him: “‘Yea, f*ck the sheets.’ and return to reading my regular person book on my white-enough bed, with the flickering light of a nearby Eau de’ TJ Maxx candle.

And like Winston, I am perfectly, blissfully happy.