Pep Talk in A Poem No.1


Pep Talk in a Poem, No. 1

If you want to lead
an anxiety inducing,
deeply uncomfortable,
creatively stifling,
unattainable life,
chase perfection.

Belittle yourself over every stumble.
Derail today’s victory with fear of tomorrow’s defeat.
Focus only on the negative comments.
Chase sameness in lieu of uniqueness.
Judge the value of your progress by someone else’s victory.
Lose sight of what matters.
Always want more.
Never be enough.

Or, if instead,
You want to lead an interesting,
fulfilling, attainable, intentional life,
Revel in progress.

In showing up every day,
In nurturing your passions,
In learning,
In celebrating your growth,
In the fuel that runs inside you to create,
a life that is meaningful.

Judge your value
by the sum of times you’ve been proud of your progress
And chase the moments
that make your soul sing.

-Kristina Caizley

p.s. I’m thinking of making “Pep Talk In A Poem” a series. Thoughts?