About CaizleyHouse


As I work on building out this new site, I’m anxious.

I’ve wondered for a very long time if I should even bother starting a creative blog. Years, actually. The word “blog” is so tainted these days. Too many “lifestyle resources” already clutter the digital world, and I refuse to clog the internet with yet another #retweet.

But this isn’t that. This is not a catalogue of a polished and perfect life.

(Actually, I find perfection unrelatable and deeply stifling, but more on that later). Instead, this will be what I’ve learned (and continue to learn) as a maker and how creativity brings joy to my home and life. Despite having been in the creative industry for almost a decade, I have only now broken down the wall of my own #impostersyndrome (“Better late than never, self!”.)

I’d like to ask, is there anything in particular you guys would like creative guidance on? (anything from “how to find time for creative pursuits” to “books to help creativity” to “how to decorate on a budget” to “fun creative weekend projects”). I really want this to be useful to people. Please let me know in the comments!