15 Ways to Upgrade Your Entryway

A while back, I was approached by the interior designers at Décor Aid who were inspired by some of my watercolors to share their collective design wisdom and help readers recreate one of the most often overlooked rooms in any home - the entryway. (No this is not sponsored, no I was not paid!) I genuinely loved their advice, from affordable DIY paint updates to some seriously savvy storage solutions, so together we collaborated on a few tricks to make your foyer all the more covetable. Take a look.

1. Create an Impromptu Foyer

Short on space or don’t have a designated foyer take advantage of? Don’t let that stop you, as you can effectively use a screen or room divider to create a proper foyer. A screen will allow you privacy from anyone at your front door, is easy to fold and move out of the way, can be found inexpensively, requires no installation, and best of all, can work as a great way to bring needed color and print into your home.

KLS_GalleryInteriors_0003_Layer Comp 4.jpg

2. Add Artwork

Add depth and added character to your entryway decor with decorative art, sculptures, and objects that are full of personality and conversation-starting design to really make the area feel unique to your home. Look for art pieces that boast an unexpected scale or silhouette to really make your home stand out among your neighbors.


3. Paint The Ceiling

If you’re working with a tight budget, it pays to get creative when looking for affordable entryway ideas that are stylish and unique. So why not consider a DIY approach by painting panels on the floor for a mesmerizing visual effect. This way you’ll take pride in knowing that you’re greeting guests with a masterpiece of your own that can easily be changed out as the season’s change.


4. Go For A Theme

To create a sense of harmony in your entryway that’s studied and consistent, consider a theme. This way you’ll have an easier time tying everything together to create a strong visual impact and intrigue your home with a common thread.


5. Make a Statement with Flooring

Even if you’re working with an entryway that has a challengingly limited amount of floor space to work with, make the area feel more luxurious, well-judged, and visually interesting with unexpected flooring. Go for bold with a graphic painted patterned floor or simply bring in a striking rug that’s machine washable for easy care.


6. Bring in a Mirror

Add dimension and fool the eye into thinking your foyer is bigger than it is with something as affordable and easy to source as an oversized mirror. Mirrors are great at making any room feel larger, brighter, and a little more glamorous than they really are, plus, they let you double check your outfit and makeup before you leave the house. Make your entryway look all the more unique with an interesting mirror boasting a statement-making silhouette and finish.


7. Lighten Up

Update your entryway with some glorious everyday drama via a newly installed hanging pendant lights or a fresh pair of scones to really set the mood for the space while opening it up and making it appear larger than it really is.


8. Offer a Seat

From tying your shoelaces to greeting guests that don’t need to come all the way into your home, entryway seating boasts bonuses outside of just being a decorative accent. Go for seating that lends the space a cozy and inviting feeling without being too large in scale for a truly conversational feel.


9. Personalize a Gallery Wall

Liven up your walls with a personalized gallery wall highlighting your many travels, loved ones, and cherished prints for a truly unique take on spirited entryway ideas.


10. Add Some Drama

Go for the unexpected and reinvent your entryway with sumptuous, bold colors that are sure to make a memorable first impression. Bright colors make for a much more stimulating, warmer feel than any neutral ever will. Plus, they work as an excellent backdrop to highlight the more spare pieces you do bring in.


11. Conceal Your Storage

If your entryway doesn’t boast a coat closet but you’ve got ample space to work with, considering bringing in a handsome armoire or console to cleverly keep things out of sight that you really need. But if you’ve got little space to decorate with, a few wall-mounted shelves can make a huge difference without taking any floor space.  

Screen Shot 2019-08-17 at 8.01.39 PM.png

12. Green it up

Purify the air and bring in a sense of the organic with affordable plants that are easy to manage. And if you’re short on space, a couple of petite succulents will do the trick perfectly.


13. Accessorize

Use necessary accessories to work to your advantage by sourcing pieces that boast both personality and clever design. With a careful edit, you can easily add visual wit via something as simple as avant-garde coat hooks, or something striking like a hanging mobile installed against a main wall for a backdrop.

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14. Upgrade Your Welcome Mat

Every few years upgrading your time-worn, scruffy welcome mat should be considered a must. And depending on the tone you want to set for the area, we suggest going for something bolder that’s chock full of print and personality to really make it feel energized. And when it comes to clever entryway ideas, placing a rug lengthways rather than horizontally will make the area look larger, and a pop of color will brighten up the space.


15. Add some Stylish Storage

From floating glass shelves to catch-all trays to stylish storage baskets to umbrella wells, do bring in chic and smartly design storage solutions to keep your entryway area as tidy as possible. Think about the must-haves that are housed in your foyer and the best ways you can keep everything organized and out of sight.